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Helping change-driven organizations be more effective through data and research. 

What We Do

Veritas helps change-focused organizations be more effective by providing best-in-class data analytics and research. Not only do we help our clients make sense of data, we provide thought leadership as they build data-driven strategies. Click the link below to learn more about the services we offer. 

Past Projects

Though Veritas specializes in education research, we serve a variety of clients including non-profits, government agencies, and school districts. As a result, our services are also diverse and help solve a variety of problems. Click on the link below for examples of how we've helped our clients.


Stay up to date with Veritas' work. Click below to read our blog.



Veritas is led by Robert Vagi. Based in Minneapolis, MN, he holds a Ph.D. in Education Policy and Evaluation from Arizona State University with an emphasis in quantitative research methods. His research experience spans both the public and private sectors where he has worked as a policy analyst, quantitative researcher, and data scientist.


Though Robert loves telling data stories, his greatest passion is helping kids. Prior to earning his Ph.D., Robert was a public school music teacher in Phoenix, AZ where he helped students find their voices through culturally-responsive curricula and pedagogies. During this time, he authored Fresh Beats: A Standards-Based Hip Hop Curriculum which is currently available through Alfred Music. 

These passions come together in his current work as he helps change-focused organizations have a positive impact in the education sector.



"Rob is like a hero data guy out of a Hollywood script. (1) When he delivers a result, it's at an executive level. He understands your bigger frame and how the data fits in to help answer the strategic questions. He presents the results within that frame, within the big picture, helping make the data more usable. At the same time (2), he is comfortable in the details -- willing to go as granular as needed to help you get comfortable with the big picture results. But he is not lost in the details, and is (3) willing to talk theory as deep as you want, even down to a philosophical level if needed -- important in those cases when some smart person is questioning the approach. Finally (4), his ethics are unassailable -- of critical importance in this modern milieu of loosy-goosy numbers. Full disclosure: Rob worked at Phase 5 as our Lead Data Scientist. We were sad to see him go but have continued to use his services since he started Veritas. Please feel free to contact me for a personal reference." 

Partner, Phase 5

Steve Hansen

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