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Attendance 360

Are attendance issues holding your students back?


Is improving attendance a priority for your school or district?


Do you struggle to identify students whose attendance puts them at risk of falling behind?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Attendance 360 can help. 

What is Attendance 360?

Attendance 360 is a data integration tool that brings your school's attendance, achievement, and student demographic data together to help you improve student achievement. Specifically, Attendance 360 lets you:

  • Identify and intervene with students whose attendance puts them at risk of falling behind before it's too late.

  • Understand which days, weeks, or months students are more or less likely to miss school and plan accordingly. 

  • Identify groups of students (e.g., economically disadvantaged, special education, etc.) who are more likely to miss school or be late to class.

How Does It Work?

Attendance 360 integrates your attendance, achievement, and student demographic data to help you take action on attendance-related issues. Attendance 360 users can expect the following:

Set Up

New Attendance 360 subscriptions go through a brief set up process where we customize our software to your data. Additionally, we analyze your attendance and achievement data to set thresholds for student risk that are specific to your school or district. New users can expect the following:

  •  An initial meeting to identify the necessary data. 

  • Once data is sent to us, we customize your Attendance 360 dashboard to ensure that data updates are seemless. Additionally, we analyze your data to set risk thresholds for students that are specific to your district. 

  • You are given a "test drive" of your dashboard so that any final edits can be made.

Using the Tool

Once your Attendance 360 dashboard has been set up, your point of contact on your team sends us monthly data updates. These are fed into the Attendance 360 dashboard giving you the ability to make timely decisions using the most up-to-date data. Additionally, as part of your subscription, you and your team receive one training on how to use the tool and eight hours of technical support each year should you need it.


Try a demo version by clicking the link below or contact us for more information including pricing options.

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