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Past Projects

Attendance 360 Demo.png

Absence Interventions

Attendance issues were keeping our client's students from learning. Using their attendance, achievement, and demographic data, we were able to help them identify periods when absences were most likely to occur, identify which student groups were most likely to be affected by attendance-related learning loss, and flag students who were at risk of failing because of attendance issues.

cutscore tool.png

Setting Benchmark Cut Scores

Our client found that the publisher-provided proficiency thresholds on their benchmark assessments were not accurate when used with their students. We helped our client set new cut scores that were accurate for their students. Further, we created a custom tool that allowed our client to do these analyses themselves.


Minority Student Achievement

We helped our client produce a report that tracked minority student achievement in Arizona from Kindergarten to postsecondary. Findings from this report were presented to stakeholders throughout the state and were used to guide state and local policy decisions. You can read the full report here.


Teacher Retention 

Facing high rates of teacher turnover, our client sought to better understand the scale and causes of teacher turnover in their district. We helped our client get to the heart of the issue by designing, administering, and analyzing in-depth teacher and school leader surveys. The results from these surveys were used to guide district-level policies which ultimately led to higher rates of teacher retention.

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